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Friday, March 13, 2009


Gerard Stroomberg

What if the bible is true in way you didn't expect? Some verses lead us to believe that the earth is the centre of the universe, at the same time we know that the earth circles the sun therefore it cannot be the centre. At the same time as we look out into the universe we find that the background radiation of the big bang is homogenously distributed aka we're in the middle of the universe. [this happens with everything in an expanding universe, but neverhteless].
In Botswana they found a cave which apparently has been used 70.000 year ago for rituals.The entrance is marked by a rock which has the looks of a phyton and has been worked on te make it even look more so. What if the story of A&E being seduced by a snake actually happend but in a totally differnt way you tought (and were taught).
Doesn't Ps 8:3-4 strike you as more wondrous at the thought that all of this has been carefully planned for and worked on for the past 14 billion years? Rather than cooked up in 6 days, 6000 years ago?


hello i am a 19 yr old female who struggled with believing but i take it like this evolution and the big bang is mans assumption......... that simple nothing else more...... now evolution claims and big bang claims came waayyyy after christianity! and how would someone know that they were banged into existence? doesnt make sense @ all right. oh yea i was banged outta nowhere right! and o yea i just evolved perfectly cut out and perfect number of fingers veins perfect by a collision by nothing! really dumb so lameeeee to believe in nothing come on people!!!! how come everything is perfect stop thinking so hard and just believe. life is too complex to be a mistake! it simply boils down to God or No God and i would never out rule intelligence take a look at urself brilliant precision right! my point everything cut out perfectly and has a purpose right!!!!! try searching im searching and i know that the bible has to be true or not that freaking simple life is simple stop making it complex

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