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Tuesday, March 28, 2006



For just a short little article, this was very encouraging for me. I like the thought that Jesus doesn't do what we in the world would normally think to do. The comment about my natural instinct is to carve out a big slice of security is so true but Jesus does not do this. I like that.


To be human (or, at least, to be a fairly nice human) is, I'd say, in large part about rising above our nature. Something I constantly struggle with and fail at, of course. One small quibble: you haven't actually read any Darwin, right? Just asking cos he didn't actually come up with the idea of "survival of the fittest", and he certainly never made it an imperative. And in a Darwinian sense, Jesus was by definition unfit, cos he didn't leave behing offspring (Dan Brown notwithstanding). Pedantic, but that's just the way I am...

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