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Saturday, August 30, 2008



Good stuff Ro...I think that you make some strong points and I appreciate your grace for Todd as well. I think that we do well to distinguish an outpouring of God from revival...thanks for the post.


Wow. Spot on, friend.

Thanks for those thoughts.




great article. i have put a link on my blog to this one, to me it's honoust and engaged writing that breathes the love for the Body of Christ. Thanks a lot!



Goed en duidelijk stuk! Dank je,


Joel 2 is a dual prophecy. some of what you said i agree with and some no. Not everyone who wants revival is just being lazy and has bad theology. In fact, i believe the one that is greatest in this intention is God Himself. He is the one who is not satisfied until all have come to repentance. He is the one who is jealous for a pure and spotless bride. As far as different manifestations of the Spirit don't knock it till you try it. lol If the fruit of it is drawing you closer to Jesus than it's good, and that has been true in my life. Regarding changing ones expectations i'm sorry i cannot, i live to see His Kingdom come, and it's coming in power and it's coming through all believers who know that they have the Holy Spirit. Each one is in fact revival and a carrier of the Kingdom of God wherever the go.

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