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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Nico-Dirk van Loo

yep is was good! to be on the beach, and the kids liked it, much more than all kids-programs.


I agonize over the whole "going to church" thing. I'm in the thick of the institutional church scene in America, and find myself in all sorts of tension.
I appreciated your thoughts, Ro. Thanks for wrestling with this.

Your friend,


ro, we resonate with how you guys feel...I grew up as a pastor's kid and probably only missed 5 Sunday morning services between ages 0-18! But now that our experience has showed us that there are different rhythms of life, we don't miss the Sunday thing...we mostly go to see our friends and enjoy the community we have in Christ. I love the experience you guys shared on the beach...did you see my post about making sand castles with Maisie in Valencia?


enjoyed reading this, Ro. God bless you guys! Troy


Good to read this stuff Rogier. Yes, it was a wonderful afternoon, playing in God's garden, all children of the wonderful creator, no matter what age we are.

Johan ter Beek

grrr... i missed it
next time perhaps?!

Arthur Moen

Sounds good, church on the beach...

You know the song: I wanna have church on the beach...come on everybody!?

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