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Wednesday, December 10, 2008



Hey Rogier! I think that this old school style of approaching this problem is counterproductive just like you, but I still think we should voice our concern over the abortion issue.
I think Shane Claibornes answer (which is actually Mother Teresa's is the best), "if you don't want your baby, I'll take care of it."

That is a radical challenge! This is maybe a third way. Not condoning or protesting but somehow offering a hopeful message that shows we don't necesarily agree with abortion but we are willing to be part of the solution.


I agree that Schreeuw om Leven's initiative will not be very helpful - it will only make people upset and it is not likely to change anybody's points of view on this issue. It is also very painful for women suffering from a post-abortion trauma or a miscarriage. It's a stupid idea.
However, for me abortion is still an important issue, but as a member of a pro-life minority in our democratic country it is not possible to change the current political situation. The best we can do is to offer real alternatives (adoption, practical and financial help). And it all starts with education, of course. I am supporting VBOK (Dutch organisation for the protection of the unborn child) - I think their caring approach deserves our respect and support!

Shawna Snow

I want to tell a story as a response to this post. A couple of years ago I was at a local church here in Amsterdam and they had a discussion about displaying your faith at work. A nurse told us how she refused to take the girls into the operating room where they would receive an abortion as her way of "taking a stand". I found this approach appalling. I asked her why she would miss an opportunity to be the last person this young lady would talk to before going into that room. What about her? She is young, confused, and in a crisis. Where is the compassion? I guess it is so much easier to "take a stand" than it is to get in the messiness of someone's life. I don't recall Jesus condemning anyone except the religious. I think a christians approach should fall under the banner of love, grace and compassion for those who find themselves in a crisis situation.
I know many women here in Holland who have had abortions, and thought there was no other solution. What about adoption? The usual response is, " I didn't know that was even an option... If I had known then that could have changed things."


It is a very hard decision for any woman to have an abortion and if the child is not wanted it may not have a good up bringing and may lead a disturbed life! The mother did not want it for a reason (drug use, rape, physical abuse ... etc).
Shawna, how could someone not know that adoption was an option! What nonsense! I am also resident in the Netherlands and find the woman to be well educated there.
Also consider the heartbreak and confusion for all involved. Sometimes although it is very hard it is better to have an abortion as early as possible. After all the child has no feelings until around 20 weeks old. This is not murder of a child, a fetus is not a child, it is completely dependent on the body of the mother and has no independent thought. Further there is no guarantee that it would have been a healthy child. Perhaps it has saved a person from a miserable life of being resented and unloved.
I have never had an abortion and don't intend to in the future.


i'm only gonna say: a person who have an abortion for what ever reason is a monster. how could some one even think of taking a life of an ineccont child.


what if you didnt even have a choice against it?

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